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Septic System Maintenance

After payi

ng for your new septic system, it makes complete sense to maintain it properly. Taking necessary maintenance measures to ensure your septic system will keep you from having to pay for costly repairs. We have put together a guide to help you properly maintain your septic system. If you should ever come across an issue, Laco Site Services will be there to help.

Inspect: You should regularly inspect your septic system even If you are unaware of any issues. If you need help doing this, Laco can help.

Pump: Have your septic system pumped every three to five years. If your system tends to take a lot of wear and tear from a large number of people, you may want to do it more frequently.

Landscaping: The best possible way to cover your septic system is to use grass. Anything with root systems that go deep into the ground can cause issues. Small shrubs and flowers should be fine. If you have questions about individual plants and how they will affect the health of your system, we are always happy to help.

Flushing It Out: Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilets. The more you flush down, the more you risk an issue with your septic system. If something says flushable on it, you are still playing Russian roulette. Simple flush toilet paper and toilet paper only into your septic system.

Water Conservation: You would be hard-pressed to find an individual that doesn’t believe water conservation is essential. We all should use less water than we do. If you are not doing it for yourself or your environment or the future generations, do it for your septic system. The less water you use, the longer your septic system will live. There are many simple ways to help conserve and use less water.

Septic Tank Additives: If you feel as though you are having trouble with your septic system, contact a professional. Do not try and add septic take additives. Some of these can prove harmful to the environment, and they may be completely ineffective at fixing the issue with your system. In the long run, it will cost you less money to have the problem addressed by a professional than to play around with an incorrect solution.

Cars and Trucks: This may seem like common sense, but we have seen issues with this in the past, and it is worth mentioning. Do not park cars and or trucks over the septic system drain field. Doing so will produce more compact soil, which can lead to damaged pipes. All of that will be an expensive mess to clean up, so just keep the cars off.

Properly maintaining your septic system does not need to be something you worry about daily. Try to save some water, be aware of where your tank is and keep in mind anything you flush will end up in there. If issues come up with your system, we are always available to help. It is best to have a professional deal with septic system issues as most homeowners do not have the training or expertise to fix the problem correctly.

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