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Taking Care of Your Septic Tank

The septic system is a crucial element to your home, and yet maintaining this system can often be overlooked. Upkeep does not need to be complicated nor expensive, and a well-kept septic system can last up to 30 years. To ensure longevity of your septic system, we have a few key ways to take care of it:

Do regular inspections.

Making sure you do routine maintenance on your system will extend its life. So, make sure to schedule an inspection at least every year. After the inspection, get a record that includes notes on the tank's condition and scum and sludge levels. If those are too high, you'll want to pump the tank.

Make sure to pump your tank.

How often to pump your tank depends on the size of your household. As a general rule, a family of four will need the tank pumped after three to five years of using it regularly. Don't rely on the calendar, though. Have a service professional check the scum level, and when it gets within three to six inches of the outlet, or the sludge level is within 12 inches, it's time to pump.

Use less water.

If you use less water, your septic system will last longer. Many systems will fail due to the overuse of water, so make sure you and your family learn to use water more efficiently. Simple ways that save water include fixing any leaks or running toilets promptly, install high-efficiency toilets and showers, and do smaller loads of laundry at a time. Other things like turning off the water while you wash dishes or brush your teeth will also save on water.

Keep trees away from your septic tank.

Grass is one of the best covers for your septic tank. You will want only plans with shallow root systems around your tank. Any plants with large roots, such as trees, can get into your pipes and tanks, and will lead to back-ups and other problems.

Take care what you put in the toilet.

You don't want to flush anything into your toilet except toilet paper. Things like cleaning wipes, facial tissue, or paper towels will only clog your septic tank. Also, make sure you toss any household chemicals properly. Avoid pouring things like this as well as medication down the toilet as they can ruin any bacteria in your system that breaks things down.

With these tips, you are sure to keep your septic system healthy and long-lasting for years to come. However, even with due diligence, problems can still happen. So make sure you contact Laco Site Services for septic tank inspections and repair.

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