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Common Septic Tank System Problems

Septic tank, or drain field systems have long been a standard in residential waste processing tools. Comprised of porous tanks and various pipes, these drain systems work by distributing excess waste water throughout a field, where it is absorbed back into the earth.

This natural process typically works well and without major issue, especially as the more modern systems employ advanced materials and stronger designs. However, septic tank systems are not without chance of failure, and understanding the most common problems that can affect a system can be your best chance of avoiding a major septic tank catastrophe.

Tree Roots

By the very nature of how a septic tank is constructed in the ground, it is not hard to imagine that the roots of trees can eventually wreak havoc on the drainage system. When the roots infiltrate the parts and pipes of a septic tank system, clogs and blockages can stop the system in its tracks. Cutting tree roots away can be a temporary fix, however professional companies may be needed to perform repairs and replacements as the system requires to work properly again.

Too Much Solids

While septic tanks have outlets that allow the exiting of water and fluids into the drain field, solids can eventually pile up on the floor which will need to be removed. Too much solid material build up can slow and block the drainage pipes, causing back ups that can lead to property damage and system failure. Having your septic tank flushed out and cleaned can help prevent this type of build up.


There are a myriad of reasons that can cause a septic tank to experience collapse. Collapse is one of the most serious problems that can occur in our older septic tank systems, and will always require professional assistance to inspect and repair. It is important to understand that while rare, this event can occur, which is why you should never build anything such as a driveway or a building over a septic tank.

Keeping Your Septic System Running Smoothly

Being mindful of what goes down the drain is a key factor in keeping your septic system working properly. For example, harsh chemicals, non-decomposable materials, and solids such as cigarette butts and hand towels should never be disposed of down the drain. Grease can also accumulate in the pipes if disposed of in sinks, eventually blocking the flow of wastewater on both sides of the pipe. And never park or drive vehicles over your septic tank or drain field as it can cause pipes to collapse and compact the soil.

When you need a septic tank system repair or replacement, contact the experienced professionals at Laco Site Service LLC..

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